Our History

In the fall of 1999, CEO John F. Marshall Jr. was on a hunting trip on Montana’s legendary Milk River when he discovered one of his vanes drifting through the wind as he pulled his bow back on a Pope and Young Whitetail. He managed to take the deer, but the aspiration to find a better way to fletch and improve an arrow’s efficiency became his mission. Many test models later, “APE” Arrow Tails, Arrow Performance Enhancement tail sections were produced and have changed the way archers fletch and approach arrow flight. Today, NuFletch LLC has grown into a 7,000 square-foot facility totally dedicated to servicing the archery market. The parent company, NuFletch, houses “APE” brand products, designed to enhance an arrow’s performance. NuFletch also brands IGNITOR lighted nocks, dedicated to the lighted nock market. NuFletch products are sold at over 300 independent retail locations, distributed by 4 major US distributors and are currently offered in one major Box Store here in the US and in Canada. The Box Store growth looks good as NuFletch provides cutting edge archery products to today’s demanding archer. Products can be used in the field or on the range for unmatched reliability. Enhanced, reliable performance is delivered to the proven professional or to the novice archer. Prize monies have been claimed and numerous 1st place awards have been awarded to NuFletch shooters. NuFletch hunters have also taken record book animals in the United States and other parts of the world. NuFletch LLC is focused on welcoming new archers to its family of fine products. Satisfaction to the customer is the bullseye and nothing will ever be considered that is not in the best interest of the consumer.

Our Customers

– NuFletch has many avenues of distribution, and we strongly feel that we owe it to everyone that shares information about our products with friends and family.

– NuFletch serves customers in all 52 US states and foreign countries such as Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Norway and England.

Like many other manufacturers in the industry, NuFletch has an ever-growing TV personality staff. While enough cannot be said about their support, NuFletch strives to turn up the volume on the everyday archer’s voice. Please allow us to share some comments from some of our customers we are proud to have as part of the family:

Customer request: After a disappointing first run problem with our products:

“I received the replacement nocks yesterday. My bow shop is closed on Fridays here. I used the new nocks you sent in my original inserts and shot 2 dozen arrows. It was great to hear the audible click. The products worked as advertised.
The issue is resolved. It was nice working with you and your product. I would recommend your product to others given the assistance and support you gave me.”

Customer request: After receiving a part that was bent during shipping:

“WOW! Thank you for your immediate assistance in helping me with the bent part. Your company has gone above and beyond what I expected. I find it refreshing to see a company stand behind their product and offer such great service knowing the problem was caused by shipper.”

Customer Kudos:

“I love this product! I have been shooting NuFletch for 2 years now. I have taken many animals and am so appreciative to all at NuFletch for this design. Please let me know if I can ever do anything to help get the word out about this product!”

Customer Kudos:

“Just returned from a bear hunt in Ontario, I purchased your lighted nocks from my local Bass Pro Shops. I have enclosed this photo of my Pope and Young bear. Your nock worked perfectly! I just wanted to say thank you as I have been very frustrated with other lighted nocks. I saw yours the day before I left thought what the hey, installed and all has been great! I just wanted to say thanks for a simple design that even I could use!!”

Our Appreciation:

All at NuFletch understand that you, the customer, have choices when it comes to your equipment. It is with great honor that we have you in our NuFletch family. Although every effort is made to assure you get exactly what you expect, we understand that sometimes not all goes as expected. We humbly ask for your willingness to work with us. We never take your comments, concerns or praises lightly. We use every piece of data to better your experience with our products. We are working for you, the customer. From the CEO, thank you all for your support. Please know it is with great respect that we are able to help you become more successful in the field or range.